vpd-safe-placeIf your business or organization is interested in taking part in this program, please submit your contact information below. By doing so, you agree to instruct your employees to assist any victims or witnesses to anti-LGBTQ2S+ crimes by calling the police on their behalf and allowing them to remain on your premises until police arrive.

Decals and posters will be provided free of charge, designed to be posted at or near the front entrance to your premise as a symbol of safety for victims of crimes and as a warning to criminals.

Please complete this form, which can be submitted electronically. By clicking on the SUBMIT FORM button, an email window should pop up with the form attached. Simply hit SEND.

If this does not happen, please do the following:

  1. Right click on the form and choose Save As
  2. A window will open and you can choose where to save the form
  3. Open an email and attach the saved form to it
  4. Email to vpdsafeplace@vpd.ca

You can also print the completed form and mail it to:

VPD Diversity, Inclusion and Indigenous Relations Section
3585 Graveley Street
Vancouver, BC  V5K 5J5